Perry Stanfield

Security Director

The Company’s Security Director is the current Vice President and Co-Owner of a Maryland licensed and insured security provider with operations dating back to 2011. He has previously served in the following law enforcement capacities:

  • Director of Security Lexington Market Inc, Baltimore Public Markets, Baltimore Police Education & Training Commander – responsible for calendar year in-service training for the Baltimore Police Sworn and Recruit Training Classes including MPCTC Training and Baltimore Police Academy Firearms & Education Curriculum
  • Baltimore Police Shift Commander Northeast District & Western District – responsible for managing a shift of patrol personnel (25+) on a day-to-day basis, with the responsibility of providing safety for the citizens of Baltimore City in that patrol district;
  • Baltimore Police Department Firearms Training Unit, Firearms Instructor, Armory Supervisor – responsible for firearms training for police recruit classes and in-service qualifications, enhancement firearms training and remedial firearms training;
  • Weapons Armory Supervisor – responsible for the Baltimore Police Department’s Armory Unit, responsible for the weapons & ammunition of the Baltimore Police Department. Responsible for the day-to-day transporting of weapons and ammunition from the armory to the designated firing ranges.
  • Western District Community Relations Sergeant – responsible for attending and coordinating neighborhood community group meeting and acting liaison for the District Commander with the community organization leaders and members; and
  • Baltimore Police Sergeant Central District & Eastern District – responsible for supervising a patrol sector/area of Baltimore City that are responsible for various shift patrol and crime prevention, public safety and police patrol tactics to prevent crime.
  • Baltimore Police Sergeant Central District, Western District and Eastern District – responsible for supervising patrol units in patrolling designated areas within the assigned Baltimore Police District. PAL – Baltimore Police Athletic League, responsible for 3 PAL Youth Centers, which were safe havens within the communities of Baltimore City and used as a means to act as a crime prevention and juvenile crime-fighting tool.

Drawing on his experiences training and supervising law enforcement, managing firearms safety protocols and providing foot-patrol protections in Baltimore city, the Company’s Security Director will work in connection with its Security Consultant to develop and implement protocols that will enhance the safety-first, anti-diversion focused culture the Company values.