Matthew Harrison

Vice President of Grow Production

The Company’s VP of Grow Production is an experienced cannabis cultivator with six years of operations and facility management expertise. He is responsible for scaling one of Colorado’s most successful medical and recreational cannabis manufacturing facilities from 30,000 s.f. to its current size of 130,000 s.f. During his time with that company, the VP of Grow Production oversaw all aspects of the company’s cannabis production, manufacturing, executive decision-making, and developed internal infrastructure to manage over 300 employees. Having previously worked for a German Biotech company, the VP of Grow Production was trained in lean six sigma and Kaizen operational business principles that he integrated into the company’s protocols to develop and optimize SOPs from the top down.

Previous to transitioning vocations, the VP of Grow Production, demonstrated success in a career drafting histological nuclear stain protocols in private and government laboratories including the USDA. He managed several multi-million dollar territories across the Midwest generating revenue core growth above 12% annually. He worked to form business to business relationships with small University laboratories as well as very large globally renowned hospitals including the Mayo Clinic.

If awarded a license, the Company’s VP of Grow Production will provide executive management for the Company’s Cultivation Operations including management of its 150+ employees and providing support for its Wholesale Director, Irrigation Production Manager and Security Director. He will develop and adopt proven success algorithms so that the Company will be able to meet the qualitative and quantitative production demands of Maryland’s growing Medical Cannabis patient community.