Francesca DeMauro

Vice President of Marketing and Branding

The Company’s VP of Marketing and Branding comes from a multi-ethnic heritage family – mother is Filipino, father is half-Italian and half-Japanese – with deep ties Baltimore, Maryland where her parents have worked for over two decades to improve socio-economic conditions through real-estate investment and land development initiatives. After attending Boston University for graphic design and art history, the VP of Marketing and Branding pursued a career in graphic design as a freelancer in New York, NY where she also attended Parson’s New School for Design for graduate studies in Fashion Marketing.

Over the course of the next decade the VP of Marketing and Branding worked in various capacities as a marketing expert. In these roles, she developed the ability to set and realize aggressive marketing goals, to motivate and support high-caliber teams and to drive brand equity and profitability. Her leadership has consistently produced new revenue streams resulting in increased productivity and profitability for her brand partners.

Most recently, the VP of Marketing and Branding worked as VP of Marketing and Education for Skin Type Solutions (“STS”), a turnkey retail solution created by world-renown dermatologist and researcher Dr. Leslie Baumann. In that capacity, in addition to her marketing and branding responsibilities, which were geared toward dermatologists and other medical professionals, the VP of Marketing and Branding was tasked with training physicians and their staff on incorporation of the STS system into their practice and methods of improving patient compliance and satisfaction and product efficacy. This experience has prepared the VP of Marketing and Branding to advise the Company on physician relations, patient education and socially responsible marketing initiatives in the medical field.

Building on years of marketing, branding and business development experience, the VP of Marketing and Branding brings the skills necessary to develop and manage successful retail and marketing teams and marketing strategies at a senior level. After over 10 years spent supporting the growth and development of bespoke products and services (luxury goods, high-end spirits, cosmetics, hotels, etc.) she aims to focus her years of discipline to provide education and responsibly market the use and benefits of cannabis and cannabis derived products to Maryland’s patient and physician communities.