David Baerwald

Grow Production Director

The Company’s Grow Production Director spent 4 years as a key contributor to the growth of one of Colorado’s most successful medical and recreational cannabis manufacturing facilities. He is an expert in designing, maintaining and operating large-scale cannabis cultivation facilities and maximizing production output at the highest operational capacity.

As an experienced cannabis cultivator, he is well versed in integrated pest management techniques (IPM), sustainable agricultural practices including LED lighting, high efficiency cooling and filtration with optimal pressure drop and other beneficial cultivation techniques.

In his capacity as Grow Production Director he will provide day-to-day management and oversight of all cultivation-specific employees and activities including approximately: 6 Transplant employees; 4 Vegetative specialists; 6 Flowering employees and a Flower Labor department of 15; 5 Propagation and Cloning specialists; 7 Harvest employees; and 75 Trimmers.