Bryson Rast

Vice President of Laboratory Operations (“Laboratory VP”)

The Company’s Laboratory VP is an experienced lab chemist with expertise in small molecule organic chemistry, botanical extracts and analytical development services. He currently oversees supercritical extraction and chromatography at the Company’s Colorado processing facility.

Previously, he served as Senior Scientist at CW Botanicals where he established a new chemistry laboratory dedicated to internal analytical testing and R&D efforts on high CBD cannabis extracts. Prior to entering the cannabis sector, he served in Chemistry Development for ChromaDex Analytics and as a Research Chemist for Pfizer.

In his capacity as the Company’s Lab VP, he will oversee a science team – consisting of a Supervising Chemist, five laboratory technicians and a Botanical Biologist – and executively manage all laboratory operations overseen by the Company’s Laboratory Operations Director.

The Company’s Laboratory VP holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Colorado State University.